Patsy Cline
September 8, 1932 -
March 5, 1963

~ Gone too soon ... but
what a legacy she left ~

WELCOME !  As Patsy would say: Hoss, Come on in, sit right down and make yourself to home!

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Thank you for visiting the   Website of Ellis Nassour's
Patsy Cline :

Honky Tonk Angel

For information about Patsy Cline or to E-mail comments:

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1993 U.S. Postage Stamp

1973: PATSY CLINE becomes 
first solo female artist inducted into the

Country Music Hall of Fame

 No museum - yet - but a strip of 
 highway named in Patsy's
 honor: Winchester,  VA

Cover of 1993's  
HONKY TONK ANGEL  by Ellis Nassour

Hand-painted from Black & White, circa 1956, taken at Winchester, VA's Radio Station WINC 

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        Snapshots: 1953, 1961     1956 : Sitting for Winchester, VA's
                       Rush Studios
    1956 : Winchester's WINC           1956 : Washington, D.C. 
       Town & Country Jamboree

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1956 : Town & Country Jamboree        1957 : Patsy and Charlie wed     1960 : Patsy and Ernest Tubb  

  1961 : Patsy, all wrapped up, in IL


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& Texas Troubadors ONSTAGE  

Pieces of paper  
are song
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August 1956 : (Left)  Warrenton, VA, country
music  contest  with new beau Charlie Dick.  Her
win led  to (Right) starring on Washington, D.C.'s
Town &  Country Jamboree TV variety show
opposite (Left) Jimmy Dean, Roy Clark, others.
1956 : Lorton, VA, New Year's Eve:
Patsy is guest  vocalist with Sonny
Hawthorne (second from right)  
  & His Blue Rhythm Boys.
    May 1957 : Thanks to Arthur Godfrey's
Talent Scouts, Patsy is finally a star and
honored in Winchester VA Apple 
Blossom Festival Parade.
[ Photos: Collection of Connie B. Gay and Jimmy Dean ] [ Collection of Sonny Hawthorne ]   [ Photo: Faye Crutchley ]
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