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Patsy Cline :

Honky Tonk Angel

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Remembering Patsy Cline
Every day, you're missed more and more!



Patsy Cline was the pioneer for women in country music.
She broke through the glass ceiling before there was a glass ceiling!

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 Photos 1993-2021 Ellis Nassour, & Chicago Review Press; from Honky Tonk Angel:The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline

STILL the Definitive Biography of Country's Li'l Darlin'

Trade Edition Soft Cover
, 424 pages 
Internationally-acclaimed, best-selling biography of the earthy, innovative legend
who put the Nashville sound on the map. This "colorful and  poignant biography"
is UPDATED with
70 pages of jaw-dropping revelations and never-before-known
details of Patsy Cline's loves and career. Includes excerpts from uncovered,
shattering letters Patsy wrote bluntly detailing the abuse  in her second marriage
60-pages of rare photos
in three galleries.

  Photos by Grand Ole Opry photographer LES LEVERETT

    The ONLY Book with EXCLUSIVE interviews with
Gerald Cline, Jimmy Dean, Charlie Dick, Hilda Hensley, Harland Howard, Jan Howard,
Roger Miller, Brenda Lee, Jean Shepard, Dottie West, Faron Young, and others 

Follow Honky Tonk Angel: The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline on FACEBOOK!

~ ~ ~

Ranks Patsy Cline 46 on list of
100 Greatest Singers of All Time
~ ~ ~

"Honky Tonk Angel has been one of our most consistent sellers since
publication of the 1993 hardcover Collector's Edition. It has found thousands of
fans around the world, and continues to elicit incredible praise."





A most welcome honor

"No Patsy Cline fan on this planet does not own Ellis
Nassour's biography of Patsy Cline. It was the first and
will always be considered THE definitive biography
about her long after we are all gone, and it is one of the
prime reasons Patsy's legacy will continue . . . Truth will
always win out. Patsy's music will live forever, but new
fans who hear her will always seek out more information
about her. We have Ellis to thank for providing it."
                                                    Lisa Flood, Patsified.com




Watch Patsy Cline's Final TV Performance | Rolling Stone
Film transferred to video from The Glenn Reeves Show,
telecast February 26, 1963 from Jacksonville, FL

Click : YouTube - Patsy Cline "Walkin' After Midnight," Two Versions Live
Also find "She's Got You," "Fingerprints," "You're Stronger Than Me" and Ozark Jubilee footage

                                                     All material, including photographs, on http://www.patsyclinehta.com �1993-2021 EllisNassour